a year in the life of waffles

I’ve been absent from here for a bit as I’ve been working so much I haven’t even had time to cook. Waffles has had an adventurous couple of months, during which he’s destroyed part of a Harry Potter book, two bras, and three separate cones.

His first birthday was in May, and in honour of it I give you an obnoxious number of pictures of his first year of mayhem.

Below are some of the many pictures we have of Waffles being cute and sometimes ridiculous.


Look at this little shit.


His mini-hammock under my actual hammock. He claimed it the second we opened the box.


We fed him five minutes late once.


Waffle’s first lesson in not jumping into things when you don’t know where the bottom is.

If you couldn’t tell, we used to leave him in the kitchen when we weren’t home because we didn’t want to crate him all day. This has long since stopped for his health and our sanity (and our wallets). I swear we didn’t let it continue for nearly as long as it looks – this is a couple of weeks’ worth of damage.

So as punishment, we neutered him (no not really, but he did start getting crated pretty quickly). Here he is giving up on life. Yes, he destroyed that cone later.


The many forms of a sleeping Waffle:

As you can see, he’s pretty flexible with his definition of “comfort.”


This one time, Emma tried to bury him. My god he was adorable, I don’t know where all this animosity comes from. She acted like he was going to ruin her life.


She may have had a point.

And finally, I give you the day we brought him home. Look at him, chewing on his little duck like a harbinger of the monster to come.

Today, Waffles is healthy and happy (although not currently, because I’m writing this instead of feeding him), and has not consumed anything he shouldn’t have in about a month! Here he is on Halloween (yes, his costume was a pink bow; yes, I am a lazy costumer; and yes, my floor was unconscionably muddy – this is what happens when you have two dogs and no grass) and today, staring up at me waiting for his dinner.

My goal for this blog for the upcoming year is to start reviewing toys for durability and enjoyability. I want to find toys that work and can stick it out for more than 30 seconds while still being unlikely to break your dog’s teeth.