Toy Review: Trybal from Pet Projekt

I was picking up pet food today and stopped in the toy section, hoping to see if someone (anyone!) has started making more durable toys. This is the toy I found. It’s hollow but made of pretty solid rubber (I couldn’t squish it with my hands).


Emma was also interested, but the delicate little flower won’t bite hard enough to squeak a stuffed toy, so the concept of chomping on a toy this hard is completely beyond her.

I had some highish hopes for this one. Waffles did too.

20150618_123418 Sadly, those little corners on the ridges are prime targets for chewing on. He had a corner dismantled inside 30 seconds.

For what it’s worth, this toy would likely be okay for moderate chewers or non-dinosaur hybrids of dog. It really is pretty solid. As always, supervise play first so you can find out if there are any weaknesses to the toy.

I think this toy could be improved by making the ridges continuous so the corners aren’t so thin. Narrow protrusions on these toys are pretty likely to get ripped off easily. They do have a pretty big 20150618_123453selection on their site, so there might be a toy like that already, but I didn’t have time to look through all of them.

Check out Pet Projekt for more toys and what looks like an awesome leash for the SQUIRREL! walkers out there.


rest in pieces



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